It's A Wrap

Sometimes life presents us with opportunities that are too good to pass up.  Unfortunately,
those opportunities sometimes come with sacrifices.  This is one of those times.

As some of you may know, Christine’s family is relocating to Barcelona, Spain.  
We have discovered that an international working relationship, with its associated costs
and legal complications, is not tenable.  Sadly, we have decided to discontinue operation
of Tube Media Production, Inc.

Tube was launched on October 17, 2003.  We feel it’s fitting to go out on the same day,
and so our last “official” day of business will be October 17, 2011.

We will continue our careers in video and multimedia -  individually and in tandem -
and hope that you will consider our particular skill sets if you have need of them. 
On request, we will very happily refer you to trusted video production colleagues.

Thank you for eight terrific years of business.  We’ve had some wonderful
experiences and met many amazing people.   We wish you all much happiness
and continued success.

Rich Hegarty and Christine Monaco